About Aviation Partners

The name Aviation Partners doesn't make much sense any more but it goes back several decades to a time when our main activities were audio-visual and animation as explained below.

I have always designed lettering and began making digital fonts in the 1990s, releasing them from 2005.

Working alone, I always have a few ideas in development and have often wondered how larger foundries manage to collaborate in what seems to me to be an individual and highly subjective process. A few miles from me is a font business that boasts a team of 40 type designers, font developers, creative directors, software engineers and support staff. Just imagine that!

For me, designing and making fonts is a pleasing combination of creative activity, technical application, presentation and marketing. Each feeds the other, making the whole undertaking very satisfying. Even so, if creating fonts was my sole activity I would probably have gone crazy by now. Perhaps I have.

-- Nicholas Garner

Most AVP fonts are also available from


AVP is simply the Microsoft registered font vendor code.